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Charger women’s hoops stats that make my mouth water


By RJ Walters / Daily News Sports Editor

An exclusive Walters ‘n Words blog post

I’m not hard to please and I’m willing to listen to almost any argument about anything, but I like hard evidence rather than clever, but clearly biased opinions.

A 21-2 record overall and 16-2 mark in GLIAC play to go along with a No. 5 national ranking should be enough to convince me that the 2008-09 edition of the Hillsdale Chargers women’s hoops team may be the most impressive college athletic team I’ve had a chance to witness in person on a regular occasion, sorry to all of the 3-6 Northern Michigan football teams I covered, but upon further investigation I’ve determined that the sheer number of eye-popping statistics that make me want to pull out my calculator and have it tell me the GLIAC Web site might be lying is so incredible that I can do nothing less than give you those stats and let you oogle over them, just as I am. I must add that they are not all equally impressive, but the sumation of them tells a story about how this Charger team is accomplishing things even they could not have predicted.


By far the most impressive individual number of them all from my perspective. That is the number of rebounds senior Katie Cezat needs in the final four conference games to break the single season rebounding mark in league play. She is averaging 18.1 rebounds per game in GLIAC games, and even if she gets zero total rebounds in the season’s last four games, she would finish with a rebounding average of 14.7 in GLIAC games. The current record is 14.4.


The number of victories need the rest of the way for the Charegers to set a new school-record for wins in a season. Considering Hillsdale has four regular season games, the GLIAC tourney and D-II tournament at its disposal, a new standard could be set so high that no team comes close to it for quite some time. Both the 2002-03 and 2007-08 squads won 23 games.


Precisely where guard Brooke Knight ranks nationally in assists per game, with 6.4 dimes per contest. This number is thanks in part because of Cezat, but also should be something Cezat attributes her own success to. Without a playmaking guard a big will only take up space at times.


10, as in the top 10. The Chargers have not only lived in the Top 10 of the D-II Top 25 poll also season, they also rank among the 10 best teams in the nation in four major statistical categories as of today. Hillsdale ranks in the top 10 in the nation as a team in assists per game, assist-to-turnover ratio, 3-point field goal percentage and field goal percentage.


If you’re tired of reading or hearing about Cezat then you might as well click the “red X” in the upper left-hand corner right now. The number of points Cezat needs to break her own single-season record for points. So if she averages 6.3 the rest of the way she’s good. But if she averages 6.3 my guess is she is stricken with mono and has two bad ankles and no one wants to see that.


Cezat’s 28 rebounds in an overtime win over Northwood Saturday tied a GLIAC record set back in 1978, she added 28 points in that game and she is averaging 28.2 points per game, second in the entire nation. She has set the bar so high for herself that another 20-20 outing is just that — another.


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