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Sorry, the U.P. ate me

No, my boss didn’t catch me updating my blog and looking at other blogs on company time…I just happened to drive 600 miles to watch some friends get married, all while staying in the same state. How lovely!

Did you know that I could actually drive 600 miles south and almost be in Georgia instead? Now you do.

Anyways, in the next few days I’ll start getting more content on here on a very regular basis, including some podcast style interviews and maybe, I said m-a-y-b-e, some video content if I have the time.

So thanks for always stopping by, look for Hillsdale College hoops recruiting stuff on here later today and there’s a good possibility of some pretty interesting stuff regarding a high school football coach who “resigned”, also known as was forced out recently. We’ll see what comes of some interviews I have set for the next few hours.

And by this weekend the HDN will announce it’s All County girl’s basketball team and I’ll throw that up on here too.

Have a tremendously terrific Thursday.


About rjwalters

I am what you think I am — a journalist. Actually when I was hired at my current job, which by the way is Sports Editor of the Hillsdale Daily News in Hillsdale, Mich., I applied for a position titled "Wordsmith", so at my best I'll call myself a writer attempting to be a wordsmith extraordinaire.


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