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Things to read other than Facebook and People magazine

Although I sometimes feel like I hold an unfair monopoly on the Hillsdale County sports media market (which by the way I am completely willing to give up for a few good writers and an iced coffee!) there are certainly stories that pop up about things relevant to the ‘Dale once in a while.

Here are four good reads to check out if you have time:

2009 Scholar Athletes: Laughlin wants to be remembered for more than just basketball

Aubrey Laughlin

Aubrey Laughlin

An article on Hudson’s all-time leading scorer in girl’s basketball Aubrey Laughlin. This piece, done by Sarah Beaubien of the Adrian Daily Telgram, talks about Laughlin’s future, including her hopes of playing D-I basketball at Tennessee-Chattanooga.

2009 Scholar Athletes: Embry aims to continue academic and athletic success at Hillsdale

Steven Embry

Steven Embry

In the same series as the Laughlin piece, Telegram sports editor Brian Calloway talks about why Clinton High School Graduate Steven Embry choose the Chargers to continue his football career and what is most important to the youngster.

Scott Lantis of Hillsdale High School named Citizen Patriot Baseball Player of the Year

Scott Lantis

Scott Lantis

In fitting fashion, Lantis, who will play baseball at Hillsdale College next season, capped off his career with a notable honor from one of the region’s best publications. Several Jonesville and Hillsdale stars get their due as well in the article by Gary Kalahar, a former HDN sports editor himself.

Hudson boy recovering after being hit by bat

Pierce Mitchell

Pierce Mitchell

Another Calloway article from the Telegram and one that caught my interest because of whose bat caused the injury. Toledo Mud Hens star Jeff Larish, who has had many a stint with the Detroit Tigers, let go of his bat which hit an 8-year-old Hudson boy in the stands. What I enjoyed most about this story is the fact that Larish showed compassion toward the kid and family following the incident.


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