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East Jackson High School boys basketball team tops Grass Lake

RJ Walters | For the Jackson Citizen Patriot, January 22, 2010 10:32 p.m. If the East Jackson High School boys basketball team can continue to share the ball and defensive responsibility as well as it did against Grass Lake on Friday night, the Trojans might be sharing in much bigger accomplishments come March. Three Trojan … Continue reading

Sharing the airwaves with Hillsdale’s finest

Hillsdale’s finest sports personality on the radio graciously invited me on the air as part of “Wednesday’s Time Out With Andy Brown” show. For some reason he let me take up half an hour of air-time before allowing former colleague James Gensterblum, Martin and Rick to mix it up. In this show Andy and I … Continue reading

I’ll take a quick bow and defer everything back to Mr. Chargerblue

It’s been a couple of very special weeks for me. I made an athletic director cry, a high school hoops coach gave me a shirt that said “Time to Shine” on the back and I said “thanks and best wishes” to a lot of people I have grown close to the past few years. The … Continue reading

Tonight: College football isn’t quite over yet Charger fans

As Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit signed off on ABC following last night’s national title game, a collective sigh could be heard around the nation — college football wouldn’t be back until late August. Not so fast my fellow Hillsdalians. Lest we forget the Cactus Bowl tonight, featuring two of our own, including the home-grown … Continue reading

Final column at the HDN: "The Pleasure Has Been All Mine"

From getting the 10,000th visitor to my blog at the tail end of last year to leaving you all hanging or just hanging you out until you leave — what a fabulous blogistrator (blog administrator, to NOT make up words would just be a ‘travashamockery’) I am!So here’s the deal. I got an e-mail from … Continue reading