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Michigan Center Public Schools, Michigan Center School Board

>Michigan Center School Board approves plans for new roofs at elementary schools

>The issue: The Michigan Center School Board approved the construction of new roofs for Keicher Elementary School and Arnold Elementary School, to be completed by the beginning of 2011-12 school year. The board also entered initial discussions about replacing the heating main at Keicher.

The background: The board has been planning for the construction of roofs for several years by setting aside money in the capital projects fund. Recently the board decided to add the roof of the Arnold gymnasium to the project. Board President Gerald Holda said Michigan Center maintenance workers discovered problems with the heating main at Keicher since the March board meeting, as “tiles started popping up off the floor in classrooms, hallways, almost everywhere” due to blockages. Holda said the heating system is completely underground and is estimated to be almost 80 years old.

The vote: 6-0 on the roof replacement projects; there was no vote on the heating main.

What it will cost: The roofing projects were approved not to exceed $328,000; Holda said the heating main could cost $100,000 in a worst-case scenario, but the board is estimating $20,000 until professionals have inspected the system. Funds for repairs and/or replacements will come out of a portion of the capital projects fund set aside as “rainy day money.”

What’s next: Brighton-based Bloom Roof Systems Inc. will begin construction on the roofs after school recesses in June. Holda said the board hopes to have a new overhead heating system installed in Keicher this summer.
As published in the Jackson Citizen Patriot on April 12, 2011


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