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Albion High School, car crash, Melvin Guzman, Moises Pigg, Tim Hemenway, University of Michigan

>Friends of late Albion High School graduate say they’ll remember his ‘California’ style and humor


Moises Pigg’s close friends say the 2010 Albion High School graduate will be fondly remembered for his unique “California” style and candid humor.

The 18-year-old University of Michigan student was killed in a car crash early Saturday morning in Sacramento, Calif.

He was ejected from a Toyota Avalon when the vehicle hit a tree, according to reports in the Sacramento Bee.

Police told the Sacramento newspaper the vehicle was in four pieces with fire around the engine block. Pigg was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pigg graduated ninth in his class at Albion High School and played soccer for the Wildcats.
Tim Hemenway, a 2009 Albion High School graduate, said it will be impossible to replace a friend like him.

“Moises was kind of, I don’t want to say crazy, but he was just really an entertaining person to be around,” he said. “He was always cracking jokes all the time, pretty much just always having a good time hanging out with friends.”

Hemenway said Pigg had sort of an “advanced humor that was funnier than most” and he had a distinct personality rooted in the dialect and fashions of California, where he grew up.

Melvin Guzman, a 2007 Albion High School graduate, said he had a tight bond with Pigg when he played soccer with him his senior year.

“Me and him got along really good because he spoke Spanish and I speak Spanish, too, and he was like the only person I could talk to in my own language in high school,” he said. “We were always playing around and we were really close back then, and used to joke and were really good friends.”

A Facebook group titled “R.I.P. Moises Pigg” had nearly 200 members as of Monday evening. That didn’t surprise Hemenway at all.

“I know a lot of people say this, but he really was extremely unique and outgoing and the kind of person a lot of people will remember. … Everybody remembers Moises,” Hemenway said.

A community memorial service is scheduled for noon Saturday at Victory Park in Albion.
As published in the Jackson Citizen Patriot on May 9, 2011


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